Airwave Gazebos 3 metre x 3 metre

Airwave 3m x3m Gazebo
- 3m x 3m - assorted colours -other sizes available.



This gazebo has a coating of 190g PU coated soft touch to the outer layer of the canvas which makes it waterproof. It also ensures the gazebo is lightweight and flexible.

Anti Puddling

The gazebo canopy has anti puddling eyelets.  What these do is when there’s torrential downpours or even constant rain they help the canopy drain the rain off the canopy and prevent any puddling on the roof.

Taped Seams

One potential weak point for water to get through the gazebo covering is through the seams. Seams are best stitched but this means there are tiny holes for water to get through. Taped seams means that after the stictching is done the seam is taped over to ensure water protection.

Colours Available

The airwave 3x3 gazebo is available in red, blue, green and cream


Airwave Gazebo Reviews

Well made
"I was suprised at the quality of this 3m x 3m gazebo. At the price I was expecting something a lot less durable. I wouldn't leave it out in a strong wind but it's been ok to leave it up overnight in light winds"

Ideal for barbq
"The model we got had sides that could be completely removed which made it ideal for barbecueing on a slightly drizzly day. The grill stayed dry and the smoke drifted away so no problems."

Shower proof gazebo!
"Shower proof but not able to withstand a torrential downpour"

Our verdict:

These 3x3 airwave popup gazebos are ideal for use on a normal Bristish suummers day. They will last for more than just a few weeks, are sufficiently robust to deal with our normal UK summer conditions and yet won't cost you a fortune. They are easy to construct and to dismantle. All in all a good quality popup gazebo. Other sizes such as 2 x2 are also available.

Airwave gazebos

Our BEST BUY pop up gazebos

Best Waterproof Gazebo


Waterproof Pop Up Gazebo by Airwave. Measures 3m x 3m. 190g PU waterproof material, waterproof seams.

Best Round Gazebo

Round Gazebo

Two tone regency style round gazebo. 3.5m across by 2.5m heigh. 180g canopy, 140g curtains.

This is an amazing gazebo that will not look out of place in the poshest of gardens. The way the curtains wrap around the poles means that it is not too visually obtrusive and it looks really classy. Top marks for this gazebo.