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Blooma Gazebos

A very popular garden gazebo is the Blooma Shamal gazebo from B&Q. The gazebo comes in an unique and attractive shade of grey.

Gazebos - 3 metres x 3 metres - other colours and sizes available.

The Shamal from B&Q's in house Blooma brand is one of many gazebos around for under £100. It gains 3½ stars from B&Q customers, many of whom describe it as flimsy and poorly made. A common comment is that it was a good looking gazebo but not able to withstand light winds or gentle showers.

Our best buy alternative is the Airwave Gazebo.


Customer Blooma Shamal Gazebo Reviews

Poorly made
"A nightmare to put together, not designed to withstand any breeze whatsoever. Looks pretty but leaked through stitching in fabric and wasn't able to keep us dry when it rained (only a shower too)"

Instructions missing
"A decent gazebo from B and Q but lacking instructions which i had to look for online."

Airwave gazebo vs Blooma Shamal gazebo reviews

Certainly the reviews from customers seem to favour the Airwave gazebo available from Amazon and other retailers. Both cost around the same price for the 3m x3m model. B&Q customers rate the Blooma Shamal 3½ stars while Amazon customers rate the Airwave 4 to 5 stars depending on size.

Our verdict: The best buy option for a reasonably priced popup gazebo is the Airwave

Our BEST BUY pop up gazebos

Best Waterproof Gazebo


Waterproof Pop Up Gazebo by Airwave. Measures 3m x 3m. 190g PU waterproof material, waterproof seams.

Best Round Gazebo

Round Gazebo

Two tone regency style round gazebo. 3.5m across by 2.5m heigh. 180g canopy, 140g curtains.