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Heavy Duty Gazebos

Most gazebos are not designed to withstand strong winds or gales and are designed to be erected then dismantled the same day. however there are some occasions when you need a gazebo that is going to be able to withstand bad wether conditions especially strong winds. in such cases you will find that you will need a heavy weight gazebo. There are going to be two main factors in ensuring that the gazebo is going to be able to withstand serious weather conditions. these are the strength of the structure and the strength of the materials for the gazebo covering.

A cheap gazebo is not going to give you what you need in these instances. Lightweight aluminium poles will be inadequate in such situations and heavy duty steel poles will be required. A more robust gazebo is likely to cost you more, will weig more and will probably require far more work to erect. However good quality a heavy duty gazebo should last you for many years.

Airwave gazebos - 3 metres x 3 metres - other colours and sizes available.

Features of the airwave gazebo: Windbar, 190gsm fabric, double zips, carrying bag, anti puddle eyelets, steel frame, taped seams. For a more heavyweight gazebo use a heavier weight fabric.

For a heavy weight gazebo you will also need very strong anchorage to keep the gazebo secure in high winds.


Our BEST BUY pop up gazebos

Best Waterproof Gazebo


Waterproof Pop Up Gazebo by Airwave. Measures 3m x 3m. 190g PU waterproof material, waterproof seams.

Best Round Gazebo

Round Gazebo

Two tone regency style round gazebo. 3.5m across by 2.5m heigh. 180g canopy, 140g curtains.