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Pop Up Gazebos UK

Whether it's the middle of summer and you want to provide a little bit of shade from the midday sun, or spring when you need to avoid those sudden spring showers or autumn with its cool breezes, pop up gazebos are just what you need to make the best use of your garden or outdoor space and the airwave gazebo is a low cost, high quality option to consider.

Waterproof Gazebos

Whatever the reason for purchasing a pop up gazebo, it's always a good plan to ensure that you obtain a waterproof gazebo. Even if you are planning just to use it in the height of the summer, you never know when that shower may come and your guests need to take shelter quickly. The very cheapest gazebos may not be waterproof but more expensive ones should be constructed of better materials.

To give you a waterproof gazebo you should consider those made from the same material as high quality camping tents. Not only should you consider the material but also the seams and fastenings. For instance the Airwave range of pop up gazebos is manufactured from 190g PU coated soft touch polyester fabric and all the seams are taped sealed (as used in camping tent manufacture). This makes the airwave gazebo one of our best buys. Be particularly aware of the seams where the material joins with and pvc windows in the side panels as these are traditionally areas where water can easily get in.

See our airwave gazebo reviews.

Poles and Frames

There are a number of different ways that the frame of popup gazebos can be constructed. However, the first consideration should be what materials the frame is made of. The poles/frame need to be made from strong but light materials. You want a lightweight frame to enable you to easily construct/pack away the gazebo and also to enable you to move it easily should it need relocating to a different part of your garden or outdoor area. At the same time you need the frames to be strong so that they don't get easily bent. Your gazebo can act like a giant sail that easily catches the wind. A sudden gust of wind can then put tremendous pressure on the frame/structure. If you choose cheap gazebos you may well find that your gazebo is ruined the first time you use it in windy conditions.

There are three basic types of frame construction for pop up gazebos. The first and cheapest gazebo construction has poles that slide in to each other and usually that engage with each other into a locked position using a spring loaded clip in one pole that engages into a hole in the other pole. Although this is a cheap pop up gazebo, the disadvantage here is that you may find yourself putting the wrong two poles together.

The second type of construction is similar to the first but there are elasticated cords that hold the poles together You still need to fit the poles together but the cords keep each pole connected to it's neighbour when you take the gazebo down for storage.

The third and most easy to assemble is the true pop up gazebo where the poles are all attached to eachother but are hinged and fold down for easy storage and transportation. These are the easiest pop up gazebos to assemble and so quite naturally are the most expensive. You can easily erect the framework in just a few seconds and have the whole gazebo erected in less than a minute.

Weights and Ties

Most pop up gazebos will have ties stitched in to the fabric to attach your gazebo cover to the frame. They will also come with pegs to enable you to secure the pop up gazebo to the ground. With some cheap gazebos you may find that these pegs are inadequate for the job and so it might be as well to visit a camping goods supplier to obtain some heavy duty pegs.

If you do not have soft ground where you are going to locate your pop up gazebos then you can purchase some of our gazebo weights. Remember that the stronger the winds, the more weights or pegs you will need to secure your gazebo.

Temporary or semi permanent gazebos

Pop up gazebos are not intended to be used as permanent structures for year round use. However some of the more heavy duty gazebos are suitable to be left in place for the summer months in the UK. A cheaper gazebo is really only suitable to erect and dismantle in one day and so are ideal for one off events such as a barbecue.

Stylish Pop Up Gazebos

You can find a wide range of different shapes, colours and sizes for gazebos. You are not just stuck with the traditional green rectangle. As well as square gazebos you can find circular, hexagonal and octagonal gazebos. There are also a wide range of colours available such as navy blue, cream, white, mocha, orange and red. In fact almost any colour variation is possible to match in with the style of your garden, your garden furniture or the colour theming of your event if you are buying for a one off special occasion.

There are also different styles available such as Victorian or regency style gazebos or simpler more modern styles. Most gazebos come with side panels and windows.

Size and Height
Of course you need to consider the size of the gazebo to match both the area that is available to contain the gazebo and the number of guests you want to accommodate. Most common sizes gazeboas are 2x2 and 3x3 although plenty of other sizes are avaiable. Take particular care with height, especially if you are going to be using heaters in your gazebo. Although you want to make sure that all the hot air does not accumulate over the heads of your guests, you must ensure that you take all relevant fire precautions when using heaters inside a garden structure.

Care for your Garden - watering Gazebo uses. Amongst suppliers of airwave pop up gazebos in the UK are Asda, Halfords, Argos gazebos, B & Q, Tesco, Homebase, Aldi and Lidl


Best buy

Our BEST BUY pop up gazebos in the UK

Best Waterproof Gazebo

Waterproof Pop Up Gazebos by Airwave. Measures 3m x 3m. 190g PU waterproof material, waterproof seams. 2x2 Airwave gazebo also available.

Best Round Gazebo

Round Gazebo

Two tone regency style round gazebo. 3.5m across by 2.5m heigh. 180g canopy, 140g curtains.

Helios Blue Gazebo

Blue gazebo

Measuring 3mx3m this blue waterproof pop up gazebo is available for under £79

Luxury Gazebo

Top of the range Granborough luxury gazebo

Pavilion Gazebo

Pavilion Gazebo

Luxury Pavilion Gazebo


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