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Pavilion Gazebo

Large pavilion gazebo. Absolutely ideal for outdoor events where you want style as well as weather protection. The powder coated steel structure is rigid and sturdy but is not intended for use in conditions of high winds.

There are 12 very sturdy steel roof struts and 6 solid feet complete with pegs to anchor the feet to the ground. The ring fixings for the sidewalls ensure that it easy to slide the walls along to ensure optimum positioning. Easily opened to allow the sun in or closed to allow shade from the sun. Can be used as a hot tub gazebo.


Height: 106 inches

Area: 3x4m

Materials: Polyester

Comfortable opening/closing of the sidewalls thanks to the ring fixations

Pavilion Gazebo


Customer reviews

"I love this. It's so different and really fits in well with our garden furniture. Instructions were pretty minimal but a nice gazebo anyway "

Stylish Gazebo
"Wanted this for a family event. Everyone was wearing formal atire so we wanted a gazebo that would look really smart. This one didnt let us down at all. "



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