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Round Gazebos

If you are looking for a stylish gazebo, a round or circular gazebo may be just the answer. One of the best round gazebos is the Camelot regency round gazebo from Amazon.

Camelot's regency gazebo will be a beautiful and elegant addition to any garden or outdoor area. The gazebo is over 2.5m high and 3.5m wide. It is spacious enough for entertaining a small group or for relaxing in the shade on a sunny day. This is a sturdy steel construction and is designed to be a semi-perminant Gazebo, It has a a built in air vent and a 180g polyester coated roof canopy. The gazebo comes complete with 140g polyester curtains and tiebacks, allowing you to adapt the environment to suit you. The regency gazebo has rails and rings to pull the curtains round to suit you. It can be easily secured to the ground and dismantled when not required. The gazebo should be dismantled in adverse weather.

Customer Reviews

Great Gazebo
"Nice because you can bunch the curtains back out of the way. Found it a bit trickey to put up but is well worth it. Take care though because you cant peg the curtains, so a bit of a problem in high wind"

"So much better than the bogstandard green jobbers!"

Our BEST BUY pop up gazebos

Best Waterproof Gazebo


Waterproof Pop Up Gazebo by Airwave. Measures 3m x 3m. 190g PU waterproof material, waterproof seams.

Best Round Gazebo

Round Gazebo

Two tone regency style round gazebo. 3.5m across by 2.5m heigh. 180g canopy, 140g curtains.