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Watering Your Garden

Watering of plants is perhaps the most important factor which decides the overall growth of your garden
Important things to know about watering your plants
Watch your plants
If you have a fair knowledge about your plants then you can make out whether your plants are suffering from lack of water or not.
•If the plants happen to lose the sheen on the leaves and if they cannot stand upright then they are not getting the required amount of water. Once you see this condition of your plants you should water them without losing time as the delay could result in their slow growth.
• Other signs of stress due to water are curling leaves and dying leaves which tell you that the plant has stopped taking any growth.


How much water to apply
In an ideal scenario you should give an inch of water per week to your plant in summers, and about half inch in spring and fall.
•You need to analyze the plant and soil to know whether you are watering in the right quantity or not. You should see that after watering the plants the soil should be moist evenly all through the ground.
•Most people do the mistake of watering only the upper part of the soil and then move on which does not pay. If your plants are again in a sinking stage in the next 24 hours it means they are not getting the required quantity of water.
Garden pergolas are very much helpful in taking proper care of the creeping plants and shrubs as it provides the essential support and stability to the plant.
What time to water
In a hot day you should avoid watering your plants around noon because any amount of water which is left on the leaves and soil would soon be evaporated. You should water early in the morning or in the evening which is considered to be the best time.
The area of grass under your garden gazebo is unlikely to need watering as it is shaded by the sun. However you may find that the grass under the gazebo gets more wear.
How to apply
You should apply water in a gentle manner to the soil that it soaks properly. If you will apply water faster than this it may break the surface and can even carry the water away from the bed and get wasted. This can even take away the soil along with the water.
These are some of the ways which will help you in watering your plants which is very essential for the proper growth and nourishment of your favourite shrubs and flowers.

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