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Gazebo Leg Weights

Leg weights for your gazebo are an essential piece of kit to ensure that you pop up gazebo will not go flying off into the distance with the slightest gust of wind.

Leg weights for your gazebo are particularly important in stuations either where it is very windy or alternatively if there is nowhere at you location to peg the pop up gazebo into the ground - for instance when using the gazebo on a drive way or other hard standing.

Most gazebo leg weights are designed to be clipped top the lower legs of the gazebo and filled with water or sand. water is ideal if you have a water source close by and if you will need to carry or transport the weights for some distance. Sand will provide a better option if transportation is not a problem and for speed.

Set of 4 Gazebo weights.
Can be filled with sand or water

Customer Reviews:

Should have bought these before
"If you have eperienced your gazebo being lifted off the ground by an unexpected gust of wind and the resultant spilled drinks - you'll know how essential these are! We had nowhere to attach the guy ropes so this is perfect.
You can fill them with water or sand"

Ideal in a windy situation
"We live in a windy situation and our house is quite near the coast. We've never had a problem using thes gazebo weights"

Fiddly but work well
"It's a bit fiddly filling the leg weights with water and only ok if you have a suitable hose to hand. But they work well in the winds. Wouldn't be without them.


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